The Meaning of mechanic, machinist in Dreams

I saw a mechanic in my dream, saying that you would move to another place to settle, and you will often go to the mall.

Dreaming that the mechanic is working means that your leader will praise you for your excellent work.

When dreaming about machines, representatives should spend more time on business operations and strengthen management to avoid failures in business operations. Dreaming to open the machine, indicating that the work should be more careful and careful, so as not to be dismissed.

Dreaming about the machine, the business will go bankrupt.

Dreaming of opening a machine will be dismissed.

Dreaming that the machine is broken, it will become a machine expert.

Dreaming about the machine, indicating that the plan you will adopt makes you very anxious, but in the end you can profit from it.

Dreaming of a well-functioning machine indicates that your efforts will be successful.

Dreaming of an old machine indicates that the enemy will defeat you in the process of building your own happiness.

I dreamed that I was involved in the machine. It indicates the failure of the business, and many things that are annoying will follow. Usually after this dream, there are many losses due to failed transactions.