The meaning and symbol of the fog in the dream

Dreaming of the meaning of the fog, dreaming of a realistic influence and response, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream fog in your dream.

Da fog often appears in the morning, because it can block people’s sight and make walking difficult, so the fog in dreams is often regarded as a sign of signs.

For example, dreaming of traveling in the fog indicates that the recent things are not very smooth, and my heart feels sad and bored because of this; this dream also implies that do not believe in others too much, otherwise it will affect the correct judgment of things, so as to thus Dedicated by others.

The people who are officials dream of having a fog, indicating that there will be people petitioning in the near future, and they are likely to be in trouble because of this, and even the danger of losing the official position. Therefore, we must always do with caution and work hard with the people around me.

The fog in the dream of farmers is not good for the crops in the field. The field may be destroyed by heavy rain.

But if you dreamed that the fog slowly dissipated, his luck would not be so bad. Because this indicates that many difficult things have been brows.

The ancients also regarded fog as a symbol of unpleasantness. They believe that there will be a disaster in the dream that there will be disasters in the dream. If the marching fights, it will definitely fail. But if you can do good deeds, you can turn disaster into a blessing.

Dreaming of the fog indicates that it may be deceived by friends and be treated with caution.

The fog in the dream symbolizes loss or confusion, especially emotional confusion. You may have no way to these issues.

Psychological analysis: Dreaming of walking in the fog actually warns that you do not make a wrong judgment because others do not evaluate some things. It is the best way to wait for the water without moving. In addition, the fog in your dreams can symbolize the transition stage of your conscious level.

Symbol: From this level, the fog symbolizing spiritual doubt and confusion at this level. In addition, it means religious secrets.