The meaning and symbol of the west wind in dreams

The meaning of the dream of the west wind. The dream of the west wind has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the west wind that will help you sort out below.

A dream of the gentle west wind indicates that you will sacrifice your wealth to pursue your love. Finally, in the process of courtship, you will find that you both love each other deeply.

The young woman dreamed that the west wind was blowing, and she felt inexplicable sadness, indicating that the person she loved would have to leave her, and she would be full of sorrow for a period of time.

The married woman dreamed that the wind was blowing cold and her body was shivering with cold. She was soon invited back to her mother’s house.

I dream that it is too cold to be painful. I warn you to be careful of your own affairs. Someone is trying to destroy you; Your health is also threatened.

A dream of biting cold wind means that the dreamer will get good news and cheer himself up.

Wind, in dreams, symbolizes spiritual strength and the movement of life.

The wind in your dream blows on you, and you feel very warm, which means that you are happy now.

In my dream, I feel that the cold wind is biting and invades the femur. Don’t worry, it indicates that there will be good news.

If a married woman dreams of a cold wind and shivers with cold, it indicates that you may return to her home soon.

If you dream of a wet wind, it indicates that there will be guests coming.

Married women dream of wet wind, which may also indicate that they will be pregnant soon.

I dreamed that there was a gust of hot wind, reminding you to pay attention to your physical condition and not overwork. You may be ill.

Dream of a whirlwind, life will have a sudden change, we must make a quick decision.

Men dream of the cold wind, which symbolizes an emotion in their hearts. Women dream of the wind, which is the expression of romantic charm;
A dream of a cold wind through your bones indicates that you will have problems and may get sick.

I dreamed of gusts of hot wind, indicating the risk of property loss, especially the health of relatives.

A dream of a cold wind blowing indicates that you may encounter unexpected accidents, especially in physical aspects, you should pay attention to safety, and do not try to be brave.

Dream of being blown by cold wind and cold wind, invading muscles and bones, indicating that there will be good news soon.