The meaning and symbol of the wind in the dream

The meaning of dreaming and wind, dreaming and reality of reality, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of the dreams and winds that help you sort out below.

Dreaming of the wind blows slowly, indicating that love will further develop. If you like a person, you don’t have to hesitate, you can pursue immediately.

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Dreaming of the breeze blowing, it means that you will give up the interests to pursue a relationship in order to get rid of a certain worldly prejudice, but in the end you find that the emotions you are pursuing are not what you want.

Dreaming of the storm indicates that your life Kenne will change the drama, and it may be threatened in some aspects. It is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of shaking the wind indicates that your pressure will be alleviated recently. There is not as great pressure in life and work. Waiting for you is a journey full of surprises.

The businessmen dreamed that the wind was scratching, indicating that recently you remember not to do things that damage others. Fortunes have declined, business and investment benefits have declined, and business may lose money.

The old man dreamed that the wind was scratching, indicating that the elderly’s old disease was easy to relapse, pay more attention to strokes, and the onset of rheumatism.

The staff dreamed of the wind, indicating that recently you have achieved great success in your career, encountered difficulties with your colleagues, and realize that you are living in the world. Remember to give a step in the case of incident, so that one step is to lay the foundation for further future, and to give colleagues convenience. It is also convenient for yourself.

The married lady dreamed of the wind, indicating that your relationship with your husband’s feelings and your husband can be full of enthusiasm every day. It is always difficult to appear in emotional life. The wife knows that feelings are not passionate at all times. Those who accompany you can take care of your life, this is your pursuit.

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Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream commentary: The wind appeared in the dream, symbolizing the sense of reason. The significance of this dream mainly depends on wind. For example, the soft breeze brings a sense of relaxation and happiness. An imagination or a plan stimulates your initiative. A storm may represent the principle of your warm support, and Beifeng symbolizes the threat to your security.

Psychological analysis: Psychologically, wind represents a new and deeper consciousness. In the Bible, the gods are turning into a roaring wind. The wind can also symbolize God’s revelation in the dream.

Symbol: Wind, symbolize the movement of spiritual power and life in the dream.