Meaning and Symbolism of Clouds in Dreams

The meaning of dreaming on the cloud, dreaming of the cloud has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the cloud organized for you below.

Dreaming that people are on the cloud means that you can achieve your wishes and everything goes well.

To dream of a person riding a cloud floating around indicates that your strength will be fully exerted and your purpose can be achieved.

To dream of high mountains standing on the clouds indicates progress in skills. Skills in calligraphy, abacus, and musical instrument performance will be greatly improved.

To dream of sitting on a cloud indicates that love is progressing well. You can get in touch with your lover and have a heart-to-heart bond. The two agree on dating, etc., and will have a quiet and happy day.

Dreaming that the sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds indicates that there are shadows in health. Special attention should be paid to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating snacks like hamburgers and red bean soup on the way home.

Dreaming of riding a roller coaster indicates whether you are satisfied with your sexual desires. If you feel scared when you are sitting in the dream, it means that your relationship with your lover is overdone, and if you feel very happy to sit, it means You are satisfied with sex.

Dreaming of gray-black clouds indicates that it is best not to take some major actions recently, otherwise it will be in vain, and it will add a lot of trouble; in addition, you should also pay attention to the possibility of a small cold.

Dreaming of colorful clouds is a very auspicious dream, indicating that you will have a long period of time, and your work will be very smooth. If you are a businessman, as long as you operate carefully, you will definitely have the opportunity to make a fortune.

To dream that the moon is covered by clouds means that what you have built up over a period of time may be lost, and unlucky things may happen.

Dreaming that the sun is covered by clouds means that your physical condition is not very good, which may be caused by overwork, so you should take good care of it and add enough rest.

Dreaming of dark clouds pressing down on the ground, if the dark clouds in the dream are pressing down on the ground, it is a hint that you should leave the current place quickly, otherwise you will suffer from a terrible infectious disease.

To dream of overlooking the sea of ​​​​clouds on the top of the mountain indicates that there will be some gains in money. Maybe I can get a lot of pocket money from my uncle who I haven’t seen for many years.

Dreaming of clouds covering the sun indicates that there is a red signal in terms of health. Overwork is more likely to cause a fever than lying down. Don’t be strong in social activities, etc.

I dreamed that the wind and clouds changed color (lotto numbers), I felt as if something was going to happen, and the number represented was “16”<<lotto numbers are for reference only>>

Dreaming that the clouds are breaking and the sun is shining indicates that there will be a turning point in interpersonal relationships. Friends and relatives who have turned against each other may reconcile because of some trivial matters. He should be embraced with enthusiasm.

Dreaming that people are on the cloud means that you can achieve your wishes and everything goes well. If a person rides a cloud and floats around, it means that your strength will be fully utilized and your goal will be achieved.

Dreaming that the clouds are flowing quickly is a precursor to “urgent situation”, which means that someone in the family may be injured or sick, but it has no effect on your health.

To dream of overlooking the sea of ​​​​clouds and the weather is very sunny, it means that you will have an unexpected income in money, which will make you very happy.

Dreaming of a thin sun shooting out of the cloud indicates that the red light is on in love. Pay attention to clothing and speech when dating, and the two may turn their faces over the trivial matter of sesame.

Dreaming that the clouds flow at a very fast speed means that “the situation is urgent”, and there will be a danger of family injury or sudden illness. But it doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

To dream of dark clouds rising on the plain indicates a sign of too strong self-advocacy. Be careful not to be ostracized by your friends because of this, and especially pay attention to your words and deeds.