The meaning and symbol of waterfall in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of waterfalls, dreaming about waterfalls has realistic effects and reactions, and also has subjective imaginations of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about waterfalls organized for you below.

It’s a good thing that the waterfall flows down in the dream. It indicates that your position and social status will be promoted, or your wealth will increase.

The waterfall in the dream flows smoothly, indicating that life is easy and rich.

Dreaming of a rushing waterfall means that there will be a strong change.

The small waterfall, which has both female and male sexual characteristics, is bubbling with water, reminiscent of the excitement brought by orgasm.

The waterfall is in the mist, indicating that there is an unfulfilled wish in my heart, but after hard work, it will soon be realized.

To dream of being in a waterfall or getting wet from the waterfall is a sign of prosperity. If you are a businessman, your income will increase significantly at this stage. On the other hand, on the spiritual level, it may also represent a sense of rebirth, or a new beginning.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: In the most basic sense, the waterfall symbolizes the climax of sexual desire. In addition, it also symbolizes venting various strong but suppressed feelings.

Psychoanalysis: Any kind of feeling will reach a certain stage of high tension. At this stage, when no one can control it anymore, this kind of feeling will inevitably burst out or pour out, and this kind of feeling is manifested as a waterfall in the dream.

Spiritual symbol: The waterfall tells you that you are surrounded by a spiritual power and you should use this power.

The waterfall in the dream means that things will come true. If you dream of a waterfall that flows straight down, then your status will be promoted, or your wealth will be increased; if the waterfall flows smoothly in the dream, it means that you are living a happy and prosperous life.