The meaning and symbol of rain in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of rain, dreaming of rain has realistic effects and reactions, and also has the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about rain below to help you sort out.

A rainy day has always been considered a day to stay, because heavy rain blocked people’s journey.

In dreams, foretelling rain means obstacles and obstruction.

if dream about heavy rain, it could mean some trouble for the career.

Dreaming of violent storms indicates that the work you are engaged in will have a good income.

Dreaming that the storm is about to come, then the auspicious omens are coming one after another.

A woman dreams of violent storms indicates that she will encounter difficulties at home.

A pregnant woman dreams of rain, it means that the baby she is carrying is a girl.

The farmer dreamed of heavy rain, indicating that he would have a good harvest.

The businessman dreamed of rain, indicating that the business would lose money.

The patient dreamed of rain, indicating that he would be bedridden.

Tourists dream of rain, which indicates that the trip will come to a successful conclusion.

Rain represents your love fortune and heralds a better fortune.

The continuous rain represents that your current lover treats you sincerely and can communicate with you at ease.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Rain, the simplest representative meaning is the vent of tears and feelings. You may have been depressed once, and there is nowhere to vent your feelings in real life. In your dreams, rain is often the first sign of your release.

Psychoanalysis: In a woman’s dream, it implies the possibility of realization on a wide range of levels. All people should make good use of the rich benefits of rain.

Spiritual symbol: Because rain comes from the sky, it symbolizes the blessing and enlightenment of the gods.

Dreaming that it will be sunny after rain is a symbol of a happy ending. The troubles or sad things faced by the dreamer will have results,

All things that make the dreamer unpleasant will be satisfactorily resolved. Clear water represents strong vitality, as well as peace of mind and restoration of vitality. The fresh and lush green grass symbolizes the state of leisurely beauty under natural protection. The dreamer hesitates where to go, implying that the dreamer needs to make a determined decision and must get rid of the feeling of confusion. The path taken here represents the path of life. Water also symbolizes emotions, and water dreams are everywhere, which may indicate that life is indispensable to face emotional challenges. On the whole, this is a good dream.