The Meaning of Competitors in Dreams

Dreaming of your own competitors is good luck, and the life of being a witness will be a glorious life.

I dreamed that the competitor’s rental house was demolished and will soon be released from prison.

Middle-aged people dream of competitors renting houses being demolished, and they are in great luck in the near future. But be careful to hide the omen of the end of prosperity. Be cautious in words and deeds to ensure that good luck continues.

I dreamed that I had a competitor, indicating that you were slow to act when you claimed your rights and lost the care of a prominent person.

The young woman dreams that she has a competitor. This dream warns her to cherish the love she already has; but unfortunately, she is likely to mistakenly seek the love of others.

In the dream, I found that competitors win with wisdom. It indicates that you will be neglecting to take care of your own business, and excessive pursuit of personal life and ease is not conducive to your own development.

Dreaming about the winners in your competition, predicting the factors that are good for your progress, you will find that your chosen spouse has the same interests as you.

Dreaming that the enemy is attacking himself will encounter many difficulties in business.

The businessman dreams of his own enemies and will soon crowd the enemy out of the market.

A woman dreams of her husband’s mistress and can get her husband’s liking.

Dreaming of enemies will help God in times of crisis.

Dreaming of quarreling with the enemy, to suffer losses.

Dreaming of making friends with the enemy and being able to make new friends.

Dreaming of your own competitors is good luck, and the life of a dreamer will be a glorious life.