The meaning and symbol of birthday in dreams

The meaning of birthday dreams, birthday dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the birthday dreams to help you organize below.

To dream of a birthday means to confirm oneself. Birthday is one’s own holiday. To dream of one’s birthday means to find self-existence.

To dream of a birthday also means that you want to get attention and care. When you celebrate your birthday, your friends and relatives are all around you. If you feel left out in your life, you may dream of your birthday.

Dreaming of my mother’s birthday means that I care about my mother very much.

To dream of being the protagonist of a birthday party indicates a bad omen in the interpersonal relationship. Your own feelings will be impulsive, and your words and deeds will lack consistency, which may lead to loss of credibility.

Dreaming of a birthday, the birthday candle looks dazzling, it means that life is very happy, and the family is harmonious, and my studies or work are good. And if it is a person’s birthday, it means poverty and making mistakes. For the elderly, it symbolizes the desolation of old age.