The meaning and symbol of killing without seeing blood in dreams

The meaning of the dream of killing without seeing blood, the dream of killing without seeing blood has realistic effects and reactions, and there is also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of killing without seeing blood below to help you sort out.

To dream of killing yourself indicates that the dreamer will have too many enemies, and that many unrighteous actions will lead to death. To dream that you have killed your enemy will strengthen your enemy’s strength and you will be far within the enemy’s control. To dream that you have killed your relatives, can inherit a large amount of inheritance, and will have a stronger family relationship, and enjoyment. A prisoner who has been in jail dreams of killing a person and is auspicious, and will soon be released and free. Dreaming that he has killed a lot of strangers and is full of blood. The dreamer will be either rich or precious, and good luck will be accompanied by good luck. He has been a lifetime.

Blood means getting rich, so if you dream of killing and seeing blood, you will have good luck. If you only kill but not seeing blood, it will be detrimental to you. A businessman dreams of killing and seeing blood will make a lot of money in business. The murderer got rich in blood, the sharp point of the knife was sharp, the knife was killed to see the blood, the knife and the blood were the main food and drink, the stab and the blood were good for the blood, and the body was smashed to see the blood flow.