The meaning and symbol of betrayal in dreams

The meaning of betrayal dreams. Betrayal dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the betrayal dreams that will help you sort out below.

Dreaming of betrayal indicates that I value this friend very much, and I will be worried in my dream.

Dreaming of your girlfriend’s betrayal (or dreaming of your wife’s betrayal) represents your inner fears and struggles. Generally speaking, it is related to the recent stress in life, and it is also related to the girlfriend (wife) in your heart. Just learn to let go of attachments, calm your mind, and purify your mind. When the heart is like a mirror, it is the great wisdom of all kinds of liberation.

Dreaming of betrayal by your boyfriend (or dreaming of betrayal) indicates that you are insecure, but in reality, you are afraid to think about this problem. There are probably the following reasons:

1. Your subconscious mind thinks that you will always betray;

2. You are very worried that your current boyfriend (husband) will leave you one day;

3. You have a tendency to betray your boyfriend (husband) in your heart;

4. Through some clues, you vaguely feel that your boyfriend (husband) is betraying you, but it is not obvious. This feeling becomes clear in the dream;

5. You want to leave your boyfriend (husband), but you can’t speak to him for fear that he will be hit;

6. You feel inferior and insecure towards your boyfriend (husband); or on the contrary, you have an excessive sense of superiority;

7. You subconsciously feel betrayed by someone (has some of the same characteristics as your boyfriend or husband); or you betrayed someone (has some of the same characteristics as your boyfriend or husband).