The meaning and symbol of imprisonment in dreams

The meaning of imprisonment dreams, imprisonment dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the imprisonment dreams to help you organize below.

Prison is a prison. The punishment function of prison refers to the sum of the psychological pain effects that the state puts the prisoner’s body and mind under the conditions of punishment and restricts their mental and material life.

Dreaming of going to jail:

1. It may represent a working environment that restricts talents. Wearing handcuffs means that the ability is limited and cannot be very useful.

2. Maybe it symbolizes marriage and freedom is restricted. All of the above means that you want to break free and live a free life.

A man dreams of imprisonment, good fortune, life will be happy.

A woman dreams of going to jail, she will get pregnant.

The businessman dreamed of going to jail, his business would suffer.

A man dreams of prison, life is happy and carefree.

A married woman dreams of a prison and will get pregnant.

The old man dreams of prison is a bad omen, and his health will go from bad to worse.

The businessman dreamed of jail and his business would suffer.

I dreamt of talking to the prisoner, I would suffer bad luck.

Dreaming of quarreling with prisoners means that the disaster will pass.

Dreaming of making friends with prisoners, slanderous friends will bring losses to yourself.

To dream of becoming a prison warden would make you a housekeeper for the rich.

Dreaming of arguing with the warden, freedom will be restricted.

Dreaming of making friends with prison officials will result in a discredited reputation.