The meaning and symbol of sickness in dreams

The meaning of sick dreams, sick dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of sick dreams to help you sort out below.

Dreaming of different diseases has different symbolic meanings. Generally speaking, dreaming of illness and pain, on the one hand, means to bear the pain. On the other hand, having such a dream often reminds you to pay special attention to your health. Therefore, according to the traditional Chinese dream interpretation view, dreaming of illness means good health, and it is usually a good sign.

To dream that you are ill indicates that you are healthy and live a happy life.

A woman dreams that she is sick, which usually symbolizes pregnancy.

When a girl dreams of being sick, it often symbolizes a broken relationship.

A young man dreams of his illness is a sign of introspection or increased psychological burden, indicating that he will marry a beautiful wife.

A student dreamed that he was ill, which is a sign that he urges the student to hurry up and study, otherwise his grades will drop.

If the husband dreams that his wife is ill, it may imply that the family will encounter misfortune, or the pressure in life will increase, and life will be in trouble.

The wife dreamed that her husband fell ill, indicating that the husband would live a long life.

Dreaming of a friend’s illness indicates that you may lose your friend’s help.

Dreaming that the enemy is ill and not good indicates that the enemy is strong and indicates that you will be defeated by the enemy.

The patient dreamed that he was sick, indicating that his condition would get better and his psychological burden would be reduced.

When a prisoner dreams that he is sick, it often symbolizes commutation or release from prison.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

Dreaming that you are sick: Because you are always unable to find a satisfactory solution to some things, this may make your friends lose confidence, but this is what you need to understand. As long as you work hard, you will have a clear conscience. As long as you have goals and face it with confidence, one day you will be able to succeed. You need to discard some incomplete plans in your current life. In this way, you can find out where your potential abilities fit in. You need to properly let go of your desires for secular rights and material pursuits, which will help you better develop your own spiritual relationship, and you can better make objective evaluations and judgments on problems. You will think about your own internal and external values. It is good to think, but if you get stuck in an alley and cannot come out, it will affect your ability to judge other things, and some people will not Consciously appear pessimistic thoughts. So you must look at your own value thinking objectively. It does not mean that you have not found your inner and outer value if you don’t get the answer you want.

Asking scholars to dream that you are sick indicates your academic studies: your learning ability and understanding ability are particularly strong, you will have no disadvantages in the exam, and you may even get very bright results regardless of the teacher’s competition!

The employee dreamed that he was sick as a symbol of fortune: Fortune is still related to the family. It is possible to get financial support from your family, or be interfered with in your financial plan by your family.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: illness symbolizes health. Illness means suffering. The stronger the ability to bear pain, the healthier the body, so illness means health.

Psychoanalysis: A woman dreams of being sick indicates that she will become pregnant, because the pain of pregnancy and childbirth is like an illness. A girl dreams of being sick, implying that she will lose her love. Although it is painful, she tends to be healthier, and in the end she can find a beautiful love. To dream that you are sick is auspicious sign. A young man dreams that he is sick and will marry a slim woman as his wife. The patient dreams that he is sick, and the burden will be reduced. A woman dreams that her husband is ill, implying that her husband will live a long life. Dreaming that the enemy is bedridden is a bad omen and should be dealt with carefully. To dream of becoming a mentally ill patient is a sign of overcoming obstacles and difficulties and becoming more stable and wealthy in life.

Case analysis of dreaming about illness

Dream description: I am a healthy person, and I rarely get sick. However, I dreamed that I was sick, and I felt uncomfortable everywhere on my body, which made me feel more uncomfortable. In my dream, I was thinking, I still pay more attention to my health, how could I get sick. (Female, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: A sick dream represents health and news. It is a typical anti-dream, meaning the opposite. Dreaming that you are sick indicates that you pay more attention to your personal health. This dream indicates that your body is healthier. Dreaming that someone else is sick means that there will be news from far away.