The meaning and symbol of hearing loss in dreams

The meaning of hearing loss dreams, hearing loss dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the loss of hearing dreams to help you sort out below.

The ears in dreams are closely related to news, opportunities, judgments of right and wrong, and listening to opinions. Hearing especially symbolizes the dreamer’s openness, acceptance, or listening to the opinions of others and one’s own inner voice.

To dream that you are in an environment where there is no sound. Be vigilant. It may indicate hearing or ear problems.

To dream that you can’t hear the sound, sometimes implies that you will succeed or get huge wealth. On the other hand, according to traditional Chinese dream interpretation, dreaming that you are deaf and paying attention to your lung cancer health may be a sign of decreased lung function.

Dreaming that someone else is deaf indicates that your problem will be resolved smoothly.

To dream that you are trying to communicate with the deaf means that your plan is blocked or that your development path will go through a setback.

To dream of losing your hearing indicates that the dreamer will have great economic gains.