The meaning and symbol of long fleshy thorns in dreams

The meaning of the dream of fleshy thorns, the dream of fleshy thorns has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of fleshy thorns below to help you organize it.

The long fleshy spurs are the localized, conical keratin hyperplasia caused by long-term local pressure and friction on the skin of the foot. People who stand and walk for a long time are more likely to occur, and friction and oppression are the main inducements.

Dreaming that your feet are very painful with thorns, means that the enemy is secretly doing bad things, and you will encounter misfortune.

If you can successfully remove the thorns from the soles of your feet, you will get a lot of unexpected legacy.

The young woman dreamed of having fleshy thorns on her feet, suggesting that she would have to endure many misfortunes and hardships, or be coldly treated by her boyfriend.

Case analysis of dreaming of growing fleshy spines

Dream description: I dreamed that I had more than 30 spurs on my feet. When I first started growing, my aunt dug one out of me. It hurt to death. I counted 30. I was terrified. I hurried to the hospital, but I was woken up! I woke up from the dream!

Dream analysis: dreaming of fleshy thorns reminds you to be careful. Someone may be doing bad things to you secretly, and there are many troubles in life and work, and it is not going well.