The meaning and symbol of eating fish head in dreams

The meaning of eating fish head dreams, eating fish head dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of eating fish head dreams for you below.

Eating fish head in a dream, the recent luck has been repeated, sometimes good and bad, waiting patiently, good luck can come.

Middle-aged and elderly people eat fish heads in their dreams, and their health concerns are still on the five senses. In addition, they may suffer from lethargy or insomnia. Beware of injuries when using knives.

Widows and loneliness eat fish heads in their dreams, foretelling the opportunity to travel, but they must be sparing and careful in their words and deeds.

The divorced and widowed eat fish heads in their dreams, suggesting that there are many obstacles to going out recently and it is best not to go.

Manual workers eat fish heads in their dreams, which symbolizes that minor illnesses that are easy to catch colds and toothaches will come to patronize. If you move more joints, your body will be more stretched.

A single person who eats fish heads in his dream indicates that your love will succeed if you have the courage not to hesitate.

If a woman eats fish heads in her dream, your fortune will be bad and everything will be unsatisfactory. Don’t give up pessimistically and look forward to better luck.

Business people eat fish heads in their dreams, which symbolizes good money.

The employee’s dream of eating fish heads, and staying up all night to fight for the project, was said to be worthless by the boss, and either redo it or someone else did it.