The meaning and symbol of the ups and downs in dreams

The meaning of the ups and downs of dreams, the ups and downs of dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the ups and downs of dreams to help you organize.

Sweet and bitter dreams are a symbol of deep emotions.

The ups and downs in the dream show that there are multiple emotions intertwined in your heart.

If the male dream has the ups and downs, it means that there is hidden in your heart that you don’t want others to know.

If women’s dreams are ups and downs, it means that there is a relationship in your heart. This relationship is bitter and sweet.

Feeling a spicy taste in your dream means that you have an impatience and hot personality.

This dream also reminds you to learn to be calm when dealing with things, and to restrain your hot temper and impatientness.

The food in the dream is hot and makes you uncomfortable. It means that in life, there may be friends or other people’s enthusiastic attitude and excessive care for you, which makes you feel difficult to adapt.

The pungency of onions, garlic, etc. in the dream suggests that you have a potential rejection in interacting with others, a desire to be alone, and a little escapism.

The bitterness in the dream symbolizes troubles, hard work, or the opinions of others.

The bitter taste of the medicine in the dream reminds you to listen to the opinions and suggestions of others in your career and life, and don’t be afraid of inner resistance.

Other bitterness in the dream indicates that there is something distressing in your heart or that you have been frustrated in life or emotionally, and your heart is bitter. You might as well find a friend to talk about it and leave your worries behind.

The sweetness in the dream is similar to the fragrance, indicating happiness in life, sweet love, and happy marriage.

The sweetness in the dreams of unmarried men and women indicates that they will get sweet love or are about to get married. The sweetness in the dreams of married men and women means family harmony and a happy marriage.

There is a sweet smell in your mouth in the dream, which means that your fearless spirit and steady state of mind will be praised and admired by people.

In your dream, you try to get rid of a certain sweetness, indicating that your mischievous sarcasm will upset your friends and attract harsh rebuke.

The acid in the dream represents a destructive effect on the dreamer’s life, but this effect also has a purifying effect. Dreamers may have the impression that they will be exhausted through any action or imagination.

The sourness in the dream shows the dreamer’s perception that his self-trust and normal feelings of happiness are combined under the influence of the outside world.

On the spiritual level, the acidity in the dream may imply that moral corruption has destroyed the perfect image of the dreamer.