The meaning and symbol of studying abroad in dreams

The meaning of the dream of studying abroad, the dream of studying abroad has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of studying abroad that is organized for you below.

In general, dreaming of studying abroad indicates that the dreamer will carry out a certain activity independently and no longer rely on others.

Dreaming of studying abroad by myself indicates that my life can be independent.

The dream of a child studying abroad indicates that his child can live independently.

Dreaming of studying abroad reminds you to learn to live independently in your life, because soon you will be traveling alone.

A woman’s dream of studying abroad suggests that bad changes will occur in your family. It may be that there was a major air disaster and everyone had to leave.

A case study of studying abroad in a dream

Dream description: I have graduated almost two years ago. Last night, I dreamed of studying abroad with my brother and went to a school with many Chinese (I don’t know which country). After I went there, I didn’t seem to see any foreigners. Qu is all Chinese. Because my English is poor, I still get close to the big sister (Chinese) who buys things. She also handed me to apply for a business to make calls abroad and it was very cheap. (24 years old, female)

Dream analysis: studying abroad in your dream means that although you have graduated for two years, you are not completely independent. You still need to rely on the strength of your family. You feel that this is not good. If you want to live independently, it may happen at home in the near future. Changes, you have to be independent.