The meaning and symbol of going to the toilet in dreams

The meaning of the dream of going to the toilet, the dream of going to the toilet has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of going to the toilet below to help you organize it.

Usually, going to the toilet in a dream is caused by holding back urine. If you go to the toilet in a dream without holding your urine, you have the following dream signs:

A man defecates in a public toilet in his dream, which means he is going to be sick.

A woman will be stigmatized and discriminated against when she relieves her stool in a public toilet in her dream.

Dreaming of urinating in the toilet means that all difficulties will pass.

When the patient urinates in his toilet in his dream, his body will recover.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The toilet is a symbol of dirty and lack of certainty. The toilet in the dream symbolizes the need for secrets and the desire to vent emotions freely in one’s own space, or express the satisfaction of sex.

Psychological analysis: A broken toilet in a dream may be emotionally hindered. If you walk into an unfamiliar toilet in your dream, you may not find some kind of way out.

To clean a dirty toilet in a dream, you may have to give up your restrained behavior, otherwise you will suffer bad luck.

In a dream, a man relieves his stool in a public toilet, indicating that he may be sick. A woman’s dream of defecation in a public toilet implies that she may be stigmatized and discriminated against.

Dreaming of urinating in the toilet, all difficulties will pass. A woman’s dream of urinating in her own toilet indicates that she will become an excellent housewife.

The patient urinates in his own toilet in his dream, and his body will recover.

In the dream, the clothes are stained with feces, and the money fortune is rising, and you can expect a new income. Perhaps in addition to income, there is also part-time income.

If you have feces on your body or set foot on feces in your dreams, your fortune will come, and everything you want will come true.

A case study of going to the toilet in a dream

Dream description:

A man dreamed of going to the bathroom when he went out to play, so he entered a house that looked very small. After opening the door, I realized that there was a large space inside, and there were two doors. He entered the door on the left, which had three partitions, and then opened the partition doors one by one. It turned out that the three were all toilets, and the first one was a dirty toilet. He didn’t choose. The second room was a squat toilet that looked very clean, and the door of the third room was not opened by him. He chose the second one. When he went to the toilet, he found that there was excrement in the toilet.

Dream analysis:

The dream of going to the toilet and seeing dirt in the dream indicates that there will be a certain gain in the near future, because the feces and urine in the dream represent wealth, and the whole stool in the dream represents wealth. It is only natural for farmers to plant seeds in spring and harvest in autumn. To have a good harvest, fertilization is required, of course, manure is the preferred fertilizer. If a person’s metabolism is smooth, bowel movements are naturally smooth.

The yellow dung in the dream is a symbol of wealth and abundance. If it is so stinking, it is a good dream. The dream of overflowing stool in the bathroom is a dream of money that attracts wealth. The dream of overflowing stool in the bathroom implies that you will get unexpected windfalls instead of getting wealth through hard work.