What Do Cow fertility Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

Dreaming that the cow gave birth to the calf, he said that he could think of it.

I dreamed of a raw cow, a visit from a distant friend, and a wealthy message.

I dreamed that the calf would grow up and work to prevent fraud.

I dreamt that the burdock gave birth to no milk, and parents and relatives were dangerous.

Dreaming that the calf will be born and died, this person will certainly make a name for himself, and the big device will be late.

Pregnant women dream of cows and calves, a harbinger of a son or a son.

I dreamt that the cow is a calf, and that what you are pursuing can be obtained in the end. It is the so-called heart, but you can’t be greedy, you can get it, don’t be too greedy.