What is the meaning and symbolism of having sex with a friend’s wife in a dream?

The meaning of having a dream of love with a friend’s wife, having a dream of having a love with a friend’s wife has a realistic impact and response, and there are also subjective imaginations of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of having a dream of love with a friend’s wife below for you.

Dreaming that you have sex with your friend’s wife indicates that your lover cares and trusts you very much. In order to maintain your relationship, you also constantly warn yourself not to ignore the temptations of other men. Or you have doubts about this relationship.

In fact, there are two situations in which you have sex with your friend’s wife in your dream. One is that you are not yet married, and the other is that you are already married. If you are not married yet, dreaming of having sex with your friend’s wife may indicate your fear of marriage and loving your partner too much. If you have been married for a long time and dream of having sex with your friend’s wife, your relationship may have become stable at this time. Period, there are no waves in the days, so I really hope that I will get the love of my lover.

Dreaming of having sex with someone in a dream is a common “sex dream” that often occurs after engagement or before marriage. It is the brain of the dreamer who is wondering whether the current choice is correct. There is another explanation for this kind of dream, that is, the dreamer is experiencing emotional torture, such as the partner is a workaholic, and he has a feeling of being ignored.

For people in adolescence, if sex drive occurs too frequently, it will inevitably affect normal study, life and work, as well as normal relationship with the opposite sex. It is recommended that dreamers actively devote themselves to collective life, such as participating in more sports, recreational activities, knowledge competitions, etc.; watching more healthy film and television programs, especially programs that are far away from sex or not related to sex, etc., to downplay themselves His attention shifts the excitement center of his brain’s central nervous system.

For adults, it is also normal to dream of having sex, because normal people are physically and psychologically in need, and sex is also an indispensable thing in people’s lives.

Dreaming of having sex by yourself and having a pleasant experience indicates that the dreamer is emotionally rich and has a strong ability to adapt to the environment.

In the dream, the experience of making love by oneself is average, indicating that the dreamer is suppressing a certain emotion, but the future emotional development will be very enviable.

The scenes of having sex in the film in the dream implies that the dreamer is full of curiosity about sex and has a feeling of eagerness in his heart.

Public sex in the dream has a lot of meaning. It may be that the dreamer is worried about how other people view the relationship between him and his lover, or he subconsciously wants to show off his intimacy with his lover in public.

In the dream, oneself is struggling to find a place to be intimate. This type of dream often occurs before and after the relationship between the dreamer and his partner breaks down, suggesting that the dreamer is thinking about how to solve the current problem.