What is the meaning and symbol of the wedding party in the dream?

The meaning of wedding party dreams, wedding party dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the wedding party dreams for you below.

By watching other people’s wedding ceremonies in your dreams, good luck will come to your family. The promotion of the father, the recovery of the mother’s illness, or the passing of the brother’s exam, etc. are all expected. You can live a peaceful life for a while

Dreaming of being a bride by yourself, love luck will begin to rise. Fortunately, dating places are places with a strong artistic atmosphere such as concert halls or art galleries, and the intimacy between the two will be greatly improved.

Dreaming of being the protagonist of a birthday party, a bad omen appears in the interpersonal relationship. Your own feelings will be easily impulsive, your words and actions will lack consistency, which may lead to loss of credit

Participating in a wedding banquet in the dream, love is at a standstill. Quarreling with lover for trivial matters,…Because both sides are stubborn, so I can never find a chance to reconcile. At this time, you might as well give in and try

When I was invited to a party at a friend’s house in my dream, my behavioral fortune tended to decline. Because your words and deeds are too rash, you may make a fool of yourself. Other embarrassing things may happen, so be careful

In my dream, I danced at a dance party, and there was new progress in sex. The relationship with the opposite sex will develop into a kiss, and a sweet moment will be spent. For you, it will be an unforgettable thing