What is the meaning and symbol of MLM in the dream?

The meaning of MLM dreams, MLM dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of MLM dreams to help you organize below.

MLM generally involves brainwashing members by pulling heads, fictionalizing and packaging successful people, and obtaining illegal benefits through continuous development of offline. Victims will soon be brainwashed and actively become MLM members, and the final downline is often the victim. In dreams, MLM often represents extreme thinking.

In the dream, I was deceived into a pyramid scheme trap by my relatives and friends, indicating that I would become a target of public criticism.

In the dream, I was engaged in pyramid schemes, indicating that I would be punished.

In the dream, he escaped from the MLM organization, saying that he would get the help of relatives and friends to achieve a great cause.

In the dream of entering MLM, you find an investment project with profitable opportunities, and other people want to invest in it and let you help them operate it! If you are not sure, the risk you have to bear for others is quite high, don’t let yourself betray yourself for a while Take a heavy burden!

The staff’s dream of MLM, the attitude of your boss towards you, often determines your recent behavior. If what you encounter is suppression and blow, you will often choose to quit; if it is appreciation and motivation, you will work harder, but your ambition usually makes your boss feel a bit chilly!