What Do Cheetah Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

Pregnant women dream of cheetahs, indicating that they will face great difficulties in the near future.

Dreaming of a leopard, or a leopard in the forest, sometimes reminds you of unfaithful friends around you, beware of other people spreading rumors and maliciously vilifying you.

Dreaming of being attacked by a leopard indicates that you may be attacked by an adversary. It also reminds you to guard against false friends and be fooled.

Dreaming of killing or subduing a leopard indicates the success of the cause. Will make you full of joy, your current situation is bright.

Dreaming that someone is riding a leopard to come to you, indicating that you will defeat the strong enemy, and thus became famous.

Dreaming that the leopard climbed the mountain rock indicates that you may be enemies with very dangerous people and need to be cautious.

Dreaming that the leopard is coming to himself, suggesting that the dreamer will be attacked by the enemy.

Dreaming of a frightened leopard indicates that your reputation has been negatively affected, and the promise of love or the contract of business may be accidentally cancelled.

If the appearance of a leopard in a dream makes you feel scared, it indicates that something disappointing in business will happen, and others may tear up the promise that was given to you.

In the dream, I heard the snoring of the leopard, and I was shocked and scared. It indicates that you will hear bad news, such as reduced profits, social difficulties, etc. If you are not surprised, it indicates that everything is developing normally.

Dreaming of a leopard like a cat is a sign of evil unless you can kill it.