The Meaning of Neck in Dreams

The neck of a dream usually symbolizes the support of the cause.

Dreaming of my own body indicates that the dreamer will succeed in life.

Dreaming of stretching the neck, or long neck, said that the recent good at exercise, flexibility.

Dreaming of a good-looking neck means that the business is developed and life is happy.

Dreaming of an ugly neck suggests that you will encounter difficulties and troubles.

Dreaming of a slender neck suggests that you may have a sly, flashy friend who cannot rely on it.

Dreaming that the neck is thicker, indicating that luck is getting better and better, career success, happiness in life, fame and fortune.

I dreamed that my neck was caught and I couldn’t breathe. I must pay attention to my health and beware of bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis and other diseases. It may also indicate that you will encounter misfortune, the economic source is tight, and you need to be stronger and independent.

Dreaming of the injured neck indicates that there will be bumps and setbacks, business may be in debt, or family disputes will occur in life, so be careful in the near future.