The meaning and symbol of bamboo in dream

The meaning of the dream of bamboo poles, dreaming of bamboo poles has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about bamboo poles below to help you organize.

In dreams, bamboo poles often represent steadily improving, meaning that they will be promoted, indicating that the dreamer’s career has achieved good results in the recent period.

To dream of holding a bamboo pole indicates that you will succeed in your career because of your good reputation.

To dream of others holding bamboo poles indicates that you will be full of friends.

Dreaming that the bamboo poles are thick and strong means that you work very hard, your abilities have made great progress, and you are one step closer to your ideals.

To dream of someone hitting yourself with a bamboo pole indicates that you will be lucky and successful in your career.

Case analysis of dreaming about bamboo poles

Dream description: I dreamed of going fishing with my dad. I used a blue bamboo pole. I didn’t use a hook or line. I just plunged the head of the bamboo into the water. At first I felt that there were fish eating the head of the bamboo. It really came up for a day of big white crucian carp, and then I caught it again with my hands. I didn’t catch the big one. Instead, I caught the small fish. The fish in the water were easy to catch and slow to move but had vitality. Once caught, there was no vitality.

Dream analysis: Bamboo poles represent ideals, fish is your harvest, you will reap small successes in your career, you need to work harder and don’t be stunned by small victories.