The meaning and symbol of slate in dream

The meaning of slate dream, dreaming of slate has the influence and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming slate that will help you sort out below.  

   To dream that the road is paved with slates, symbolizing wealth and foretelling you will have unexpected gains.

   I dreamt that life in stone is hard. Women dream about stones

   Dreaming of Black Stone means that the enemy will conspire against him.

   Dreaming of White Stone, it is difficult to handle the distribution of family property.

   To dream of carrying stones with your head means that you can fulfill your responsibilities well.

   Dreaming of smashing stones is a good omen, hard work, and gains.

   Dreaming of hitting someone with a stone, a catastrophe is imminent.

   To dream of others hitting yourself with stones will make you famous far and near.

   To dream of walking on the stone, life will be comfortable.

   The prisoner dreamed of walking on the stone, he would soon be released from prison.

Case analysis of dreaming about slate

  Dream description: I dreamed that I was tired from walking at night and there were clean slates on the side of the road. I ran over to lie on it and didn’t fall asleep. How do you have such a dream, what are the signs?

  Dream analysis: dreaming of lying on a stone slab, auspicious, will have a good opportunity, may be improved, it will be easy, and it also means noble. Good dream, congratulations.