The meaning and symbol of farm tools in dream

The meaning of the dream of farming tools, dreaming of farming has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of farming tools below to help you organize.  

   Dreaming of forks, rakes, etc. in agriculture indicates that you may pierce the crooks or flashy people around you.

   To dream that you poke someone or something with a fork, or someone else is stabbed by a fork, indicates that your status and reputation may be lost due to your impulsive collision with others. You should be cautious in your words and actions in the near future.

  The farmer dreamed that he was using farm tools, indicating that his crops would be harvested.

   Dreaming of losing the tool means that the harvest is not good or that you will suffer disaster.

   To dream of buying new farm tools indicates that you will have a bumper harvest, a good economy and a happy life. Business people have such a dream, which indicates that business is prosperous, financial resources are abundant, and profits are abundant.

   To dream of waving a hoe, it takes a life of hard work, and finally can live a comfortable life.

   A woman dreams of waving a hoe, her husband will be in trouble.

   A man dreams of swinging his hoe, all obstacles will be overcome.

   I dreamed of working with a hoe. Only hard work can sustain my life.