The meaning and symbol of Broken things in dream

The meaning of broken things dreams, dreams of broken things have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of the broken things in the dream that help you organize below.

   Dreaming of breaking something, this is a bad sign for arguing with others. Recently, you have to control your emotions a little bit, otherwise it is easy to make a quarrel. If you dream of breaking the furniture, it means that the family will be at odds and may argue.

   There are two possibilities for dreaming that the elevator is out of control. One means that the environment is changing and turbulent, and the other means that your mood changes.

   Dreaming that the elevator is broken or malfunctioning indicates that you will encounter obstacles in your work and life recently. At this time, you must be more careful.

   In addition, I also have this kind of dream when I have a strong curiosity about sex, but when the elevator stops, it shows that I am afraid or have a sexual disorder.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: If you dream of something broken, it means that the dreamer realizes that the object in the dream is worthless or broken. Feeling bad about yourself may mean that the dreamer is upset, and he may think he is a bad person.

  Psychoanalysis: If you dream of a poorly-tasting meal, it means that the dreamer does not care about your own thoughts, spiritual or emotional needs. Dreaming of an unpleasant smell indicates that the dreamer did not get the support around him.

   Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, seeing a bad thing in a dream symbolizes evil.