The meaning and symbol of Glass ball in dream

Glass ball The meaning of the dream of the glass ball, the dream of the glass ball The ball has the influence and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming of the glass ball below to help you organize it.

   Dreaming of a glass ball, good omen, life will be happy.

   Single men and women dream of glass balls, and they will find the person they like soon.

   Married men and women dream of glass balls, they will soon have children.

   A staff member dreams of a glass ball, will be promoted and paid.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   The glass ball in the dream represents a perfect but isolated life. Generally speaking, the sphere symbolizes the unity and integrity of life in dreams.

  The ball represents the glory of power, strength and a promising future. In order to obtain these, the dreamer must have the ability to master the overall situation.

   From a spiritual perspective, the sphere in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s pursuit of perfection.