The meaning and symbol of line in dream

The meaning of line dreams. Dreaming of lines has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming lines below to help you organize.  

   Dreaming of the line indicates that through my own efforts, I will pursue a happy life. Dreaming of breaking the line implies that the happiness in the fantasy is hard to reach right now.

   Dreaming of sewing threads indicates that your happiness is obtained in a complicated environment.

   Dreaming of tangled threads implies that you may learn the embarrassing or disturbing truth.

   Dreaming of removing thread from your clothes reminds you not to participate in spreading rumors.

   Dreaming of embroidered silk thread reminds you to beware of people making gossip about you.

   Dreaming that you have broken the line indicates that you will cause you great pain because your friends are not loyal to you.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: Lines in dreams usually represent limits or standards. In addition, it can also represent an intangible connection between two things. The line in the dream implies that there are things that attract these people behind it, and the dream of excluding them also expresses this meaning.

  Psychoanalysis: The various restrictions and invisible boundaries around people will be expressed in the form of obvious lines in dreams. If you dream of jumping across a line, it means you have enough courage to face various risks. Certain types of objects arranged in rows in the dream may suggest that you may have some opportunities in certain areas.

   Spiritual symbol: Lines usually express very important meanings in dreams. A straight line in a dream can represent time or the degree of tolerance you can advance or retreat. The horizontal line symbolizes everything on the earth or represents someone’s negative position. The vertical line can symbolize a person’s spiritual world or the axis of symmetry of the universe.