The meaning and symbol of Paper crane in dream

The meaning of the paper crane dream, dreaming of paper cranes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming paper cranes below to help you sort out.

  Paper crane represents love.

   Dreaming of paper cranes means that love is smooth and sweet.

   Dreaming of paper cranes all over the floor means that love is very sweet.

   Dreaming of cranes is a good thing, symbolizing health and longevity or gaining fame; it also means that the troubles in front of you are about to end.

   The cranes in the dream are in pairs and fly in pairs, expressing the love of husband and wife.

   Dreaming of a group of cranes indicates that you are lucky and everything goes well.

   Dreaming of a single crane is unlucky, indicating that the dreamer may lose his spouse.

   A woman dreams of a crane flying into her arms indicates that she will be happy for her son.

   The student dreams of a crane, which indicates that he can be admitted to the ideal school and achieve academic success.

   The businessman dreamed of cranes, indicating that he would gain huge profits by steadily fighting and gradually accumulating.

   Dreaming of white cranes flying in the sky means that your fortune is getting better, and you may receive gifts from relatives or elders.

  Menglihe and Songbai appear together, indicating that you will live a long and healthy life.

   Hearing cranes in the dream indicates that your official luck is prosperous.

   To dream of sitting on a crane and flying, indicates that you will get an unexpected promotion.

   Dreaming of a crane flying away and disappearing away indicates that children may die unexpectedly.