The meaning and symbol of steel in dream

The meaning of steel dream, dreaming of steel has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of steel below to help you sort out.

   The steel in the dream symbolizes eternal friendship and love, and it is also the embodiment of firm belief in the heart.

   A man dreams of steel means that he has a firm character and a solid life. He is a person who can rely on and has the courage to take responsibility. He will win true friendship.

   A woman dreams of steel indicates that you have an independent and self-reliant character, will win true love and find a man you can rely on.

   To dream of steel rusting indicates that you have been badly affected, leading to mental deterioration or loss of faith.

   Dreaming of broken ironware indicates that you may encounter setbacks.

   To dream that an iron-like heavy object is pressing on oneself, indicating that there may be material losses, and may be ruined.

   To dream of using a soldering iron indicates that the dreamer hopes to play more roles and may have a chance for promotion.

   To dream of carrying iron tools means that you have strong vitality and can escape from the dead.

   Dreaming of iron strike indicates that the dreamer may engage in lowly work.

   To dream of working in an iron smelter means that the work may be hard and tiring.

   A woman dreams of using iron cooking utensils means that her family life may be embarrassed.

   Dreaming that the iron necklace is broken, good things will come.

   Dreaming of wearing an iron necklace, you may be sent to prison.