The meaning and symbol of pingpong in dream

The meaning of the dream of table tennis, dreaming of table tennis has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of table tennis to help you organize below.  

   Table tennis is a ball game, also known as table tennis. As a popular ball game, it is not surprising that it sometimes appears in dreams.

   The table tennis in the dream is usually related to the meaning of rapid development, instant opportunity, or full of hope and satisfactory results.

   To dream of table tennis means that your work and life are fast-paced, and your life is full of changes. To seize the opportunity, all aspects of yours will develop rapidly.

   To dream of playing table tennis with others indicates that you are brave and tenacious and have the courage to fight. In terms of work and relationships, I can proactively seize opportunities to win a satisfactory situation and a hopeful life. But it also reminds you to rest and relax in the fast-paced life and busy work.

   To dream of table tennis means that you have started to transfer in your life. Table tennis is a fast sport. You come and go. Dreaming of table tennis means that you have the opportunity to transfer recently. You must seize the opportunity.

   To dream of playing table tennis against a wall, it is possible that you have recently quarreled with friends or offended your boss and clients, so scenes such as facing the wall and playing alone appear in your dreams.

   Dreaming that you play table tennis with your friends indicates that your work has been very smooth recently. There are always noble people to help you. It is very likely that you will be promoted. However, you can get the recognition of others through your own efforts.

   To dream of playing table tennis with a stranger of the opposite sex, your recent luck can’t be wrong. Playing table tennis with strangers may be an opportunity to meet the opposite sex. If you encounter such an opportunity in reality, don’t miss it in vain. Maybe this opposite sex has a chance for you to develop further.