The meaning and symbol of Ball playing in dream

The meaning of the dream of playing the ball, dreaming of the ball. Playing ball has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of playing ball to help you organize below.

   To dream of playing ball means to inherit the family property. To dream of playing football means Xiangrui, healthy and refreshed.

   A man dreams of playing tennis will increase extra expenses and cause serious loss of property.

   A married woman dreams of playing tennis, she and her child will be in good health.

   An unmarried woman dreams of playing tennis, she will marry a man who does not match her personality.

   If students dream of playing ball, they will fail the exam.

   A businessman dreams of playing ball, the business can make a lot of money, and the profit doubles.

   To dream of others playing football means that life will be happy.

   Dreaming of a football game will win people’s love and fame.

   A student dreams of a tennis match indicates that his moral character will be recognized by everyone.

  Football players dream of playing football, they will lose strength during the game.

   Dreaming of being hit by a ball is a good omen, there will be windfall and partial wealth, and the current situation of life will be greatly changed.

   In the dream of playing table tennis, I will have quarrels and unpleasantness with colleagues due to trivial things at work. I dreamed of doing a ball business. I would dream of playing a ball business. I would have many disasters, ups and downs, hard work, hard work, and only enough to make ends meet.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: The ball is always connected to your childhood games, or shows your desire to get rid of the bondage. Chasing a ball in a dream means looking for freedom, reflecting the shining part of the personality.

  Psychoanalysis: If you participate in a ball game (dream about a game), it means that you are aware of the pursuit of a certain order or freedom. From a psychological perspective, it signifies that a person must solemnly complete a certain experience, such as a formal invitation, a ball game, and so on. Dreaming of the ball gives you the opportunity to satisfy your psychological desires in a simple way.

  Spiritual symbol: The Sun Festival and the Moon Festival, of course, also include the hard-to-achieve perfect wish, which often uses the ball as a symbol and symbol in spirit.