The meaning and symbol of Livestock stall in dream

The meaning of the livestock stall dream, dreaming of the livestock stall has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream about the stall below to help you organize.   

   A married man dreams of a cattle pen means that his career is impeded.

   A married woman dreams of a biological corral and is about to get pregnant.

   Young men and women dream about the stalls, and they will get married soon.

  The accused dreamed of the livestock stalls, and because of lack of evidence, he would be acquitted.

  The businessman dreams of the livestock stalls, the business will suffer a big loss.

   The farmer dreams of the raw livestock blue, and a good harvest is in sight.

  The farmer dreamed of the animal pen, that the harvest would decrease and his property would be damaged.

   To dream of driving animals out of the pen, litigation may win money.

   To dream of a sheep pen means you might get rich, and to dream of sleeping in a livestock pen, you will lose yourself.

   The prisoner dreamed of sleeping in the corral and would be released.