The meaning and symbol of plow in dream

The meaning of plow dreams, dreams about plows have realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams plow organized for you below.  

   Dreaming about plowing means happiness.

  Farmers dreamed of ploughing and they could get a good harvest.

  Married men dream of cultivating fields, and the family needs to increase the population.

   The girl dreamed of cultivating the farmland and would marry a young man who was self-reliant.

   The young man dreamed of cultivating farmland and would have a relationship with many girls, but he would marry a young widow.

   The old man dreamed that plowing the ground was a bad sign, and he would soon return to Xitian.

  Criminals dream of cultivated land is also a bad sign, because the violation of prison rules will prolong the sentence.

  Businessmen dream of cultivating farmland, business will be more and more prosperous.

   dreamed of plowing the farmer and would soon become the head of a wealthy family.

   Dreaming of plowing the land will get unexpected money.

  When I dream of arable land, the plow is broken, and I will be unemployed for a long time, unable to find a job.

Case analysis of Meng Jianli

  Dream description: In the dream, in front of me is a beautiful picture of farming. Villages shaded by green, clear rivers, fields shrouded in mist, and peasants who are plowing. All this constitutes a landscape painting, which makes people feel fresh and people feel the tranquility and beauty of the countryside. (Female, 27 years old)

  Analysis of dream: The plow in the dream means harvest and success. Farmers dream of plows, which indicates a good harvest. Unmarried men and women dream of plowing, which indicates that love will succeed. Married men and women dream of plows, indicating that you will add people to your home.