The meaning and symbol of poison in dream

The meaning of poison dreams, dreaming that poisons have realistic effects and reactions, and also subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming poisons that are organized for you below.  

   Dreaming of poisons usually means blessings, sorrow and troubles are coming to an end, the haze of the past will come to an end, and tomorrow will be better.

   Dreaming about taking poisons indicates that you will forget a certain relationship or want to end a certain life.

   Dreaming that someone is taking poison, it indicates that you will defeat your opponent.

  The man dreamed of poison, suggesting that he hoped that the setback in his career would end.

  The woman dreamed of the poison and expressed her inner hope that all unhappiness and embarrassment in the family life would pass as soon as possible.

  The doctor dreamed of poison, which indicated a significant medical effect and an increase in income.

   The unemployed dreamed of poison, foreshadowing to find a job.

  The patient dreamed of taking the drug, indicating that the condition might worsen.

  Husband dreamed of giving poison to his wife, showing the love of husband and wife and happy life.

  Wife dreamed of giving her husband poison, and said that she would love her husband more and that her husband would live a long and healthy life.

   Dreaming of someone poisoning yourself means you are healthy and live long.

   Dreamed of poisoning someone he knew, implying that he might be hostile to that person deep down.

   dreamed that sending the poison to the elders of the leadership indicated that he would be promoted or get unexpected income.

   dreamed of giving poison to strangers, suggesting to guard against hypocritical friends deceiving themselves.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: If poisons play an important role in dreams, it means that you should avoid a concept, feeling or thought that is not beneficial to yourself. There must be various influences around you, he must always pay attention to avoid being hurt by them.

   Psychoanalysis: Other people’s ideas and beliefs may poison a sensitive person’s way of thinking and feeling, and they will become poisons in their dreams.

  Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, everything that blocks or hinders your spiritual progress is poison.

Case analysis of dreaming about poison

  Dream description: There is a young man about to get married. One night, he dreamed that he and his fiancee were arguing, and the two were blushing. His fiancee went out and the man followed him out. As a result, he found that his fiancée committed suicide by taking the poison and lay outside, leaving the poison bottle aside.

  Dream analysis: dreaming that fiancee committed suicide by taking poison, poison generally symbolizes things that endanger happiness. She ate it, on behalf of the dreamer, he hated the relationship and continued, eager to remove or get rid of the negative emotional harmful environment and things. Suicide represents end, elimination, and rebirth, implying that the dreamer hopes that the other party can eliminate some of her own personality traits or shortcomings. Sometimes this dream is also related to eliminating some of her own personality shortcomings. This dream may indicate that the dreamer wants to improve the status quo and improve his relationship with his fiancee.