The meaning and symbol of birdcage in dream

The meaning of birdcage dreams, dreaming that birdcages have realistic influences and reactions, and also dreamers’ subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming birdcages for you to organize below.  

  The bird cage is composed of a fence, much like the prison’s iron window, which means trouble and sorrow in a dream.

   Dreaming of birds in cages is a symbol of imprisonment and life constraints, as well as eye diseases or foot diseases. It means that because of his punishment for his mistakes, he should review his words and deeds in time.

   Dreaming that the bird cage is empty, it means carefree.

   Dreaming about releasing the bird in the cage means that troubles and sorrows will pass and all aspects will be successful.

  If you see many small birds in the bird cage in your dream, it means that you will accumulate many properties or charming and beautiful children.

   There is only one bird in the bird cage, which means you will marry someone who is rich and free.

   When you see a ferocious bird in a bird cage, it symbolizes that you will overcome difficulties and defeat your opponent. If you and the ferocious bird are locked in the cage at the same time, it means that you may see an accident during the journey.

Psychological dream interpretation

   Dreamland commentary: The bird cage owner is troubled. The bird cage is made up of fences, much like prison bars, which means trouble and sorrow in a dream.

   Psychological analysis: dreaming that the bird cage is empty means that Pepsi is carefree and enjoy life. Dreaming about releasing the bird in the cage is auspicious, meaning that troubles and sorrows are about to pass, and all aspects can be successful.