The meaning and symbol of Cow dung in dream

The meaning of cow dung dreams, dreaming that cow dung has realistic influences and reactions, and also subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming cow dung to help you organize below.

Dreaming of cow dung is usually a good sign, indicating that you will be healthy and live longer.

Farmers dream of cow dung and they will have a good harvest.

Dreaming that cow dung stains your body means you may be poor and lack food and clothing.

The married woman dreamed of smearing cow dung in her own yard or on the ground, foreshadowing the presence of a noble guest or bride.

The pregnant woman dreamed of smearing cow dung on the floor of her bedroom, heralding a son.

Dreaming of cow dung on your body or stepping on cow dung, wealth will come to you; you will want to make it happen and everything will go smoothly.

I dreamed that the clothes were stained with cow dung, and the financial support increased, so I could expect a new income. Perhaps in addition to the income of pocket money, there are part-time income.