The meaning and symbol of Poop in dream

The meaning of stool dreams, dreaming about stools has realistic effects and reactions, and there are subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming stools for you to organize below.

According to traditional Chinese views, dreaming about bowel movements symbolizes wealth.

Dreaming about toilets, or defecating in the room, indicates that you will unexpectedly get great wealth and precious life.

Dreaming about the stools piled up in the mountains, suggesting that bringing prosperity will be a great success, and bring great wealth, and attract attention.

Dreaming about going to the shit or picking up the shit indicates that you will have great luck and make a lot of money.

If you dream of picking your bowels into the house, you are more fortunate to be rich and wealthy. Businessmen have such dreams, suggesting that you can make a lot of money and differentiate.

Dreaming that you fell into the toilet, or fell in and then climbed out again, it all bodes well for good luck, finds a way to make money, or gets unexpectedly large sums of money.

However, if you dream of falling after stepping on someone else’s stool, you need to be more cautious and treat the possible income with caution, so as not to come from a wrong direction and make you a big fight.

Dreaming of holding stool in your hand means that the project currently under way has great profits and will make you rich and bring you good luck.

Dreaming that your body is stained with feces, or that you have been soiled with urine or urine, it indicates that you will encounter unexpected wealth, get unexpected wealth, and a successful career. A businessman who dreams like this means that the business is going well and the money is rolling.

Case analysis of dreaming about bowel movements

Dream description: In reality, I am a person who especially loves cleanliness. But somehow, I even dreamed that my home was full of stools last night. No matter how I cleaned it, I couldn’t clean it. (Female, 21 years old)

Analysis of dreams: dreaming about bowel movements is directly related to fortune.

Dreaming of piled up stools, your career or investment will be a remarkable success, bringing you a lot of money.

Dreaming that the ground is full of stool, implying that the god of wealth will fall in love with you. If you are an entrepreneur, you will succeed in your career with the assistance of others and bring you glory and wealth.

I dreamed that I was entering the house with my urine on my back. This is a good dream. If you are a business person, your career will go to a higher level, and your money will be rich.

I dreamed that squeezing the stool with my hand implied that the undertaking or investment was going smoothly and that I would make a fortune in the near future.

Dreaming of overflowing stools, implying that you will get unexpected windfalls.