The meaning and symbol of water in dream

The meaning of water dreams, dreaming about water has realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about water organized below for you.

The water in the dream is a symbol of emotion, femininity or creativity. Freud believes that water is related to the womb, and Jung believes that water heralds a source of creativity.

Dreaming about the smooth and clear water, it indicates a happy life and good luck.

Dreaming about the turbulence or turbidity of the water indicates that there may be difficulties in the future.

Dreaming about walking into the water indicates that you are likely to have a new starting point.

Dreaming of entering deep water may indicate that you will lose your original dependence.

Dreaming about diving may indicate that the status quo of your life makes you feel depressed, and you are eager to get rid of it.

Dreaming to rise to the surface from the water indicates that the problem that bothered you is finally resolved.

In my dream, I feel happy floating in the water, and may express my desire to go home, return to my mother, or return to my mother.

Dreaming of being drowned in the water means that you intend to forget something unpleasant.

The unmarried man dreams of a clear water, which means that he will fall in love with a pure girl.

People who are unwell dream about cold water and remind you to pay attention to your health, possibly kidney disease.

Dreaming that you are looking out at the calm water, it means that you are very smooth in dealing with people. Your friendship with classmates and colleagues will increase.

Dreaming that you are walking on the water, heralds that your wish is about to come true, but you cannot wait for or rely on others, and you must strive for it yourself.

Dreaming of the ripples on the water surface indicates that you may start a new relationship. The other party probably met you by accident. Unexpected encounters in libraries, art galleries and other places will give you a easy start.

Dream about boiling water, be calm, and avoid impulsiveness and emotional affection.

Finally, if you often dream of water, or dealing with water, flooding, drowning calls, and other dreams, it may also indicate liver, gallbladder, and kidney diseases. It is best to go to the hospital in time for examination.

Interpretation of Zhou Yi

The water in the dream has many meanings, and what kind of water is it? Is it water in a cup, river water, lake water or sea water, clear water, muddy water? Or sugar-added water? If you dream of a river, then I Perhaps it must be interpreted by river, not by water. If you dream of the sea, then I may have to interpret it by sea, and not by water. If you dream of tea, you may have to release it by tea, but you also cannot release it by water. The problem here is more complicated. What kind of water can be released according to water? It’s hard to say, only by feeling.

The state of the water in the dream is important, that is, pay attention to whether the water flows freely, or it is obstructed or frozen, or clean or muddy.

Water is a common symbol of the potential for reproduction, growth, and creativity (especially when the water is still, such as in a reservoir), and it is also a symbol of new life or rehabilitation.

Water can symbolize vitality.

For example, someone dreams of dry land and withered plants. He used the car to pull water to water the ground, but the water was not enough. This means that he consciously lacked vitality, so he bought tonic to eat, but found little effect. The car that pulls water in a dream is a taxi. In life, his nephew used to take a taxi like this to see him and give him away. Give him some precious tonic.

Water is also a symbol of women, representing your femininity (whether you are male, female, or your mother). So in your dream, your reaction to this water is very important. Are you afraid of water in real life? This may mean that you are afraid of women (if you are male), your mother or your own subconscious.

In the Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu said: “Women are made of water.” This sentence is exactly what the primitive man in the human heart said.

Someone dreamed of a lake with clear water and no leaves and weeds on it, so clear. He was happy to swim in the lake, but found that another person was going to the lake, and he was extremely unhappy.

On the surface, this dream is strange. What does it matter if there is more people swimming in the lake?

But if you know, this lake is a female symbol, a symbol of his girlfriend.

Then you also know what it means for another person to go to the lake. Of course you know why he is so unhappy.

As another example mentioned earlier, a soldier dreamed of a snake in the pool. I said that the snake is a symbol of male genitalia, what about the pool? Obviously, it refers to the female genitalia.

Especially when the water in the dream is deep, or when the water is in an underground cave, it often symbolizes the subconscious mind, that is, what we do not realize in the heart. Something is submerged in water, which means that we have forgotten it. But these forgotten things haven’t disappeared, just hidden in my heart.

On the contrary, if we fished something from the bottom in the dream, it means that we have recovered the thought or intuition in the heart. It’s best to get treasures in your dreams, it means you have gained psychological wealth from your heart. Someone salvaged the sword from the water in his dream, indicating that he gained courage and strength from the depths of his heart, so that he did not fear any enemies.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys dominate. People with kidney disease will dream about cold water and rain. As another example, people with arthritis dream about wading.

When the dreamer is thirsty and dreams of drinking water, this water may not symbolize anything, or it can also symbolize other things at the same time. For example, the cup for drinking water in a dream belongs to a girl in the same class, expressing her desire for her love.

The water in the dream can also be used as a symbol of birth.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In the analysis of dreams, water is generally regarded as a symbol of all feelings and women. It is a substance full of mysterious temperament, because it can penetrate the object, flow through the surface of the object, and flow around the object. All obstacles that block the way will be destroyed by it. Your potential and the need to start a new life in your heart can also be expressed by water.

Psychological analysis: Water represents cleanliness, it can remove the internal and external pollution in people’s daily life. It helps those who are baptized to wash away the former “sin” and frees you from the shackles of inheritance. Dreaming of walking into the water means a new beginning. Entering deep water means that you have lost your dependence or entered your subconscious mind.

Spiritual symbol: Water symbolizes the spiritual rebirth-the power of life.

Water plays an important role in dreams, it has a wealth of meaning, and here can only be briefly introduced one or two. Being in the water may symbolize pregnancy and birth. The flowing water represents peace and health, and the running water represents enthusiasm. Deep water symbolizes subconsciousness, while shallow water metaphorically lacks vitality. If you dream of diving into the water, you express your desire to restore strength and return to the source. If you rise to the surface, it implies a new beginning. On the water, such as sitting on a boat, represents indecision or lack of emotional restraint. Lying motionless in the water may mean laziness.

Other images related to water are as follows: bathing is a symbol of cleanliness. Well, represents women, especially women’s feelings. Dams, islands, and other obstacles represent intentional attempts to control water power—and emotions. Drowning shows that you tend to put unpleasant things into your subconscious mind, but these contents will pour out in some cases and may manipulate you. The flood represents the chaotic side of your body, which is usually uncontrollable and therefore requires your full attention. The canal symbolizes the birth process. The ocean represents the consciousness of the universe and the chaotic world where all life was born. Water contains all knowledge, even if they may be overshadowed by human fear of depth (People have a fear of things they don’t understand. Shallow sea symbolizes superficial emotions. Waves symbolize emotions and fun. A calm sea embodies peace. On the contrary, the choppy sea symbolizes the beneficial or unhelpful passion. Observing the ebb and flow of the tide in a dream, expressing the desire to understand the passage of time and the ups and downs of one’s feelings. Like lakes and ponds, it also represents the spirit of self-consciousness The stage of self-transition. If you accidentally come to the junction of the two, it means that you have the opportunity to understand yourself and learn to respect yourself. Your reflection on the water, expression and dark mediation. You must learn to accept the part you don’t like Ego, if well controlled, can release a lot of energy. Rivers and creeks always represent life and your way of life. Your opinion determines whether you think of life as a broad river or a narrow stream. Wow A flowing river implies a hurry of life. Simultaneously dreaming of oceans and rivers means that you need to make major changes, and you should pay attention to the subconscious mind. If you dream of a very deep river, you should pay more attention to the world around you and its relationship with it Crossing the river symbolizes a huge change. If the river is prohibitive, it means you are causing unnecessary trouble for yourself. If the river is already polluted, it means that you have not done the most likely thing for yourself. Diving means entering your own subconscious, or You want to find the suppressed self.

Case analysis of dreaming about water

Dream description: Over the years, I have always hoped to have the opportunity to go to Xishuangbanna once to get a taste of the Dai customs. Whenever I saw the Songkran Festival on TV, my heart was very excited. I dreamed that I was at the Songkran Festival, and the warm scene excited me. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming about water is a symbol of happiness, indicating that your heart is full of happiness and happiness; dreaming of clear water indicates that you are a blessed person, auspicious and Ruyi will always surround you.

Dreaming of a piece of water on Wang Yang shows that whether you are a career or a family, there will be a scene of prosperity and prosperity, happiness and happiness; dreaming of the sea of ​​water and sky, indicating that your heart is particularly pure, you will have a particularly comfortable state of mind day.