The meaning and symbol of warship in dream

The meaning of the warship dream, dreaming that the warship has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming warship to help you organize below.  

   warships, also known as naval ships, are ships that perform combat missions at sea.

   dreamed of a warship, and said that he left the country, separated from his friends, and started a long foreign trip. This dream also heralds political disputes.

   Dreamed that the warship could not be started, indicating that foreign international factors would damage the interests of the motherland.

   Dreamed that the warship was heading towards the turbulent sea, indicating that external forces may threaten your personal affairs, and many of your personal things may be messed up.

   Dreaming about warships heralds the challenging courage in my heart and will succeed.

   Soldiers dream about warships, and it also indicates that you will be rewarded.

Case analysis of dreaming about warships

Dream description: I dreamed that I was on a large warship and fired a missile at the enemy ship. The missile suddenly fell into the water and blew up my warship into two and a half. A woman and I were on and off half of the warship. Shen, who was later rescued by the other half of the ship. This dream is too deep. Is there any moral?

  Dream analysis: dreaming that the warship is sinking means that you will encounter difficulties in fulfilling your wishes, but fortunately, in the end, you will be rescued and the wishes will be realized after many difficulties.