The meaning and symbol of bayonet in dream

The meaning of bayonet dream, dreaming that bayonet has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming bayonet to help you organize below.  

   Dreaming about bayonet means that the enemy will make you succumb unless you own the bayonet.

   Dreaming about bayonet, it means that the enemy puts you in the palm of your hand.

   dreamed of using a bayonet to herald your initiative in the battle with the enemy.

   Dreaming about bayonet indicates that the dreamer will encounter a situation that threatens you greatly, it depends on your decision.

   dreamed that the opponent was holding a bayonet, implying that you would have to accept the fact that you failed, succumbing to the opponent’s forces, and hitting you hard.

   Dreaming about the bayonet, it means that your enemy is setting a trap, waiting for you to go fishing, you have to discover this situation in time and make corresponding decisions.

  The soldier dreams of bayonet, which indicates that the battle you have longed for is about to start. I am very excited in my heart, and I am gathering strength to wait for the battle to begin.

   Dreamed that you have a bayonet, indicating that you will have the upper hand in the struggle with others, always pressing the opponent, and not letting the opponent have the opportunity to turn over.