The meaning and symbol of scraper in dream

The meaning of squeegee dream, dreaming that squeegee has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream squeegee to help you organize below.   

Dreaming that you are using a scraper, it means that you have unsatisfied desires and ambitions, but at present you can only maintain the current level of wealth, because the mistakes you make will make you unable to progress and send people under the fence. It’s still very long.

   dreamed that he scraped lime on the wall with a spatula to avoid the enemy’s secret calculations.

   Dreaming of whitewashing a house will be debt-ridden.

  The woman dreamed of painting the house with lime water, and the couple would be emotionally dissatisfied.

  Businessmen dream of whitewashing houses, the business will be prolonged.

   dreamed that someone else’s house had just been decorated, so beware of being cheated.

   Dreamed of whitewashing other people’s houses, energy-efficient new friends.

   The patient dreamed that he was whitewashing his dwelling, and the patient could heal quickly.