The meaning and symbol of firearms in dream

The meaning of gun dreams, dreams of guns have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of guns that are organized for you.

  Guns are often associated with assault and killing, and the firearms in dreams express frustration. Dreaming of gunshots indicates that the dreamer has improperly dealt with the property and there is a possibility of loss.

  Women dream of gunshots, suggesting that the dreamer’s usual behavior is under-checked, so that he can quarrel with others and lose reputation.

  Dreamed that he killed someone with a gun, indicating that the dreamer would be accused by public opinion and face the risk of failure or unemployment.

  Dreaming to see someone shooting himself without being injured means that the dreamer will be charged with a crime, but will eventually be exempt from criminal punishment.

   Dreaming that the gun is on fire, indicates that the dreamer will have unfortunate things to happen.

   The woman dreamed of carrying a gun with her, which meant that her family might be robbed.

   dreamed that he was hit by a bullet. You will be harassed by the wicked, and you may also get an acute illness.

  The woman dreamed of shooting, which meant quarrels and sensational scandals. For married women, it means misfortune brought to you by other women.