The meaning and symbol of gunpowder in dream

The meaning of gunpowder dream, dreaming that gunpowder has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming gunpowder for you to sort out below.   

   Dreaming about gunpowder, on the one hand, indicates that you can defeat your opponent, on the other hand, it means changes, suggesting that there may be a transfer or work move.

   Dream that you are making gunpowder, which indicates that you can overcome the competition in the competition and be transferred to a better position, and have the opportunity to lead the opponent.

   Students dream of gunpowder before the test, which indicates that you will have good results, the test is smooth, and the results are among the best.

   Men dream of gunpowder, which means a sudden change of occupation.

  Women dream of gunpowder, heralding unexpected changes in residence.

   Dreaming about the explosion of gunpowder indicates that the dreamer’s inner tolerance for something has reached a certain limit, and may have reached a point where it has to erupt.