The meaning and symbol of sword in dream

The meaning of sword dream, dream dream sword has realistic influence and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dream dream sword organized for you below.  

   Dream about the sword, suggesting that you will be threatened, facing danger, conflict, etc.

   Women dream of sharp swords, and thieves or robbers will patronize their residences.

   dreamed that he was wearing a sword, implying that you have some special talents, abilities, or will be supported by your friends.

   Dreaming that you stab others with a sword, suggesting that you will be attacked by the enemy, it is advisable to be vigilant in the near future and be more prepared.

   Dreaming that others stab themselves with swords indicates that troubles are coming, there will be unexpected gains, career development, and happy and happy days.

   dreamed that you gave someone a sword, foreshadowing you to be promoted, standing in a high position, prosperous.

   Dreaming that someone gave you a sword or handed it to you indicates that you will be promoted, get high-level appreciation, and have power and status.

   The businessman dreamed of receiving the sword given by someone else, and also foretold that he would overcome his competitors and prosper.

   Soldiers dreamed that the swords given to them by others could obtain the high military medal.

   Dreamed of taking the sword from someone else, suggesting that you have the strength to solve the chaotic situation, lift the enemy’s attack, and have the ability to overcome the difficulties.

   Dreaming about the sword inserted in the scabbard indicates that you will get important help when needed.

   Dream about the sword hanging on the wall, life will be happy and peaceful.

Psychological dream interpretation

   Dreamland commentary: In the dream, the sword symbolizes a powerful weapon. You have the ability to develop special strengths and use them properly according to your beliefs.

   Psychoanalysis: The sword symbolizes justice and courage, as well as strength. If a sword appears in the dream, it means that there is a belligerent factor lurking inside you, and you are willing to fight for faith. If you dream of someone handing you a sword, indicating that you enjoy the protection of the upper authority, you can make a decision according to your own standards.

Case analysis of dreaming sword

  Dream description: Xiaoguang dreamed that he had two swords in his hand one day, both of which were extremely sharp and soft swords. The swords shone with cold light, like the famous swords of ancient heroes. He was holding a sword and waving without stopping. After waking up, he felt very tired.

   Psychological analysis: The sword is a weapon used to attack and protect yourself. Swords can symbolize personal abilities in dreams, indicating that the dreamer feels that his ability is not very tough, but is soft in the sense of rigidity and rigidity. Swords are like the famous swords of ancient heroes, which reflects that dreamers want guidance and help, and hope that their own abilities are affirmed by others. Keep waving, indicating that the dreamer is very energetic and hopes to show his new state.