The meaning and symbol of Gunfire in dream

The meaning of cannon dreams, dreaming that cannons have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream cannons for you to organize below.   

   Dreaming of the rumbling of gunfire, it will prevent financial disputes and family disharmony.

   Dreaming of gunfire indicates that you may encounter difficult situations, but in the end, you can overcome difficulties and obstacles and win success.

   Dreaming of a cannon indicates that the dreamer is worried about the safety and health of others.

   Dreaming of gunfire, indicating that the dreamer will go through hardships but will eventually achieve results.

   Dreaming of manipulating the cannon means that the dreamer may have an amazing move.

  The shells in the dream represent emotion and sex.

   Men dream of artillery shells, which is an expression and expression of emotion and sex in your heart.

  If the unmarried girl dreams of shells, it means that you want to find a soldier to be your husband.

  If a married woman dreams of a cannonball, it means you are dreaming of having an extramarital affair.