The meaning and symbol of arms in dream

The meaning of weapon dreams, dreams about weapons have realistic influences and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreamed weapons organized for you below.  

   Dreaming about weapons is sometimes symbolic.

  Women dream of a man attacking her with a weapon often represents a man’s sexual desire for her. In dreams, when a woman sees a man rushing over with a knife and a gun, she is often frightened to run away, but in fact, these dreamers need men to treat her with a more active and aggressive attitude. What the dreamer really fears is the desire in her own heart: hope to be conquered by men, and hope that men possess her sexually.

   Men’s dreams about weapons are sometimes representative, especially when the adversary in the dream is a woman. But at other times, it represents attack, hostility, anger, but most of the time the victim of the attack and the attacker are yourself and different parts of your mind. Sometimes weapons are used in self-defense to fight terrible enemies, which often means that your life is too tense and anxious.

Interpretation of Zhou Yi

   Dreamed that weapons symbolized different levels of power. Such as the loss of dream weapons, handing over, throwing away or giving away or selling them or being stolen or damaged or scrapped or loaned to others are all signs of damage to power.

   Dreamed that fighting with weapons is a symbol of a dispute with some people.

   Dreaming about hitting people with arrows is a symbol of talking about someone.

   Dreaming about shooting people with arrows is a symbol of authoritative speech in letters.

   Dreaming about using sticks or whipping people is a symbol of clearing injustice for others and avoiding criticism from everyone.

   Dreamed of cutting off others’ heads, cutting off the flesh of other people’s bodies, or various limbs and organs are all signs of insulting and injuring others.

  Dreams that those who have a sheathless sword engine in their hands are a sign of power.

  Dream news that the hilt was damaged as the father. All the sword handles are good or bad.

   Dreamed that Jian Feng was damaged as a female relative such as a bereaved mother or grandmother.

   Dean Gafar said: Dream holding a sword and killing blood without seeing are both symbols of right and wrong.

  Dreaming that he was killed and seeing blood is a sign of sin and serious disobedience to Allah.

   dreamed that murder and bloodshed was condemned by human beings or was an unjust thing.

   Dreaming of wearing a sword is a sign of authorization. Wearing too long is incompetent and indecisive. Wearing too short is not long and unsatisfactory. The broken sword is a sign of resignation.

   Dreaming that the sword is rusty is the language jerky, people are not easy to accept, or will give birth to a stupid and incompetent son. There is also a saying that getting a position that is not helpful. Dreaming that the sword is bladeless or dull is a symbol of uselessness and uselessness.

   Dreamed that holding a spear and other weapons is the authorization and the success and symbol of things. Just holding a spear and no other weapons is a sign of having a son or brother. No spearhead on the barrel is the birth daughter. The pros and cons of the spear show the good or bad of what happened.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: The dream about weapons generally means that you want to hurt someone or something. You turn your aggression into inner activity, so you dream of the weapon and use it to deal with others, rather than putting your aggression into reality. The types of weapons can explain the real problems hidden in your life. Dreaming of an arrow means that you have been attacked by a strong emotion or have been hurt by someone with words or actions. For you, you should focus on your inner life so that you can find your healthy feelings. According to the traditional interpretation of dreams, spears and pistols represent male sexual desire. If a woman dreams of being shot, it often implies her yearning or fear of sexual aggression. If you shoot, it means that you may apply male abilities to self-defense. A knife represents the ability to penetrate deep into injured tissue and remove and torture your spirit. With the help of a knife, the hypocrisy that dominates a certain occasion can be removed. Swords have different meanings. Together, the hilt and blade of the cross constitute a powerful belief system. In addition, the sword represents a spiritual force that makes people give up unnecessary material. The sword in the sheath is a symbol of self living in the body.

   Psychological analysis: If the weapon is also facing you, it means that you should understand how much effort you have put into attacking the people around you. You may instigate those people to oppose them. You may voluntarily become a sacrifice under certain circumstances.

   Spiritual symbol: Different weapons can embody different levels of spiritual power. You should exercise this power carefully.